Bookkeeping by Kelsey

Start doing more of what's important. I've got your books.

I’m not ready yet, but…

You've said it to your spouse, your friends, and anyone who will listen. You are:

Sick and tired of all the busywork!

I can’t clean up your construction site, fix your website, or scrub the toilets (and, frankly, you wouldn’t want me to).

But, what I can do is ease the burden of all that time spent on bookkeeping when you could be spending more time on what you love and matters most about your business.

Stop scrambling every end-of-year!

I’m a single mom and I know just how important it is to squeeze every hour out of my day to get the most out of my life at work and at home.

As a certified bookkeeper, I can do my best work with you so that you can do your best where it matters most in life.

Getting started is easy.

Step 1.

Zoom online or meet me, one-on-one.

Step 2.

We create a plan that works for you.

Step 3.

Start spending more time on what matters most!

It is finally time!

Win Your Time Back, Get Your Life Back

An End to Frustrating Reconciliation Errors

No More Hair Pulling & End-0f-Year Panic

...psst! Taxes are coming!

Don’t get left in the dust. Contact me now before all the early birds completely fill my schedule.